Hey, my name is Gosh, I'm also known as DJ Snobo and I'm a tumbler (born under punches)... Er, just kidding. Still, I've been juggling sounds, words, styles, genres, tempos, moods since 1990, using guitars, microphones, computers, digital & analog recordings and most importantly - imagination.

Which means that as from 1999 I have been DJing, making mixtapes, hosting radio shows, writing about music and otherwise popularizing good vibrations of all kinds. A decade before (1989-99) I used to play guitar, sing and write songs in various bands, lead by myself or by my friends, and later on went solo to produce some electronic music. All of that happened in my home town of Riga, Latvia.

Being a passionate music lover all my life, I always had wide range of interests and never locked myself within artificial boundaries such as genres or musical forms. So - both as music maker or selector - I always played whatever interested me at that time, and it could have been almost everything. I usually say that my own projects from the 90s professed the concept of musical circus - quirky, fun-filled, eclectic extravaganza. As a DJ, I went deeper and less whimsical, but no less (and even more) cross-genre.

I collected here the list of resources where you can check what I've done.

XXI century: DJ mixes and radio shows

soundcloud.com/snobo - my official home, the primary source for mixes.
Partial mirrors and archived mixes are at Mixcloud and MixCrate.

Radio show Rasols @ Radio Naba, 93.1 FM (which I co-hosted in 2010-11):
official.fm/rasols - collective show archive account closed by Official.fm on 23.09.2013
my own archive (mixes and shows w/voiceover) at archive.org: season 2010 and season 2011.

TAKA sessions archive - cross-genre mixes I played at cafe TAKA.

Rasolniks is a series of impov/cross-genre/mashup mixes done by three members of Rasols radio show - Arno, Bombey and myself in various combinations, normally without any preparations and preconceptions. The realization and fun-factor approaches "musical circus" concept of my musical projects from the 90s.
Full archive at mixcloud.com/rasolniks, a few sets at soundcloud.com/rasolniks.


I contribute for Arterritory.com, an art and culture blog, which focuses on Baltic, Scandinavian, and Russian art and its manifestations elsewhere in the world, where I write a monthly column titled Videotheque. I select the most interesting music of today that I can find in a visual format - normally not just simple music videos, but live or studio performances, unusual music films, in other words something really special both sonically and visually. The column is in Russian, though some of the issues are translated to English and/or Latvian.

The Cup of Silence

The Cup of SilenceI curate the Facebook group titled The Cup of Silence dedicated to finest music without genre restrictions. The goal is to gather a community of broad-minded people with different tastes and cultural backgrounds, to help discover amazing music that might exist outside usual spheres of interest. The group is bilingual: English/Russian.

XX century: musical circus

Children of Yaputhma (yaputhma.bandcamp.com) is a virtual archive representing the survived recordings of Yaputhma Sound System and family - related bands, solo material and stuff.

Yaputhma Sound System (1995-97)

three albums @ yaputhma.bandcamp.com :

Space Trip 2 Yaputhma - unofficial, self-released lo-fi album, 1996
Rigas Disco - official album released by Annemarie Rec, 1996 / reissued in 2017 by Naba Music on 2LP+CD, remastered & expanded
Colocolada (outtakes and rarities) - unreleased oddities

Gosha & The Brand New Hedgehogs [Гоша и Весьма Новые Ежи] (1995)

unreleased s/t album on Bandcamp or at archive.org (1995)

Pasaki Onkuliem Ata (1994-95)

Good Noise EP, self-released (1994): Bandcamp or archive.org

Solo electronic works:

Elekktro Tickles, an album released by Annemarie Rec, 1997: Bandcamp or archive.org
Anthology vol. 1 (unreleased works 1997-1999): Bandcamp or archive.org
Anthology vol. 2 (unreleased works 1996-1999): Bandcamp or archive.org

P.S. My official Facebook page is www.facebook.com/djsnobo.


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