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Frozen Bass - live @ Localise: Baltic Session

The set I've played @ Localise: Baltic Session, the future bass night @ Media Station, Riga, 17 Dec 2010.

The main thing here is not the novelty of tracks, but the selection and juxtaposition of old and new stuff, and variety of moods.

Although I've been closely following dubstep scene since maybe 2006 or so, and often included separate tracks in my radio shows or cross-genre sets, I never cared to record full-on 140bpm mix. So this is the first one (maybe it would be the last one as well, who knows). Also, this year I seriously reduced the amounts of dubstep in my musical pedigree, therefore the mix includes quite a few old faves (I still think the first genius Pangaea record is his best, and generally the early Hessle Audio was better), some recent releases, a couple of unreleased tracks and - it wouldn't be me - some works that stray away from or are even remotely not related to the *step field.

The Lathe of Heaven

The rules are made to be broken. A Rasoļņiks by definition is an impromptu collab mix, created by momentary impulse. But when Bombey and me recorded a minimal back2back ambient/drone/electroacoustic set on June 13, 2010, upon listening to it we concluded that it kinda sounds good, but... something was missing. Maybe it was the absence of Arno with his always surprising spoken word selections? An idea to do some kind of post-production followed: the original recording already contained some movie samples, so what if we add more extracts from our favourite films, making a "thematic" Rasolnik?

And that's when we turned to our like-minded friend, Discrepant's honcho Gonzo, asking him to add spoken words, field recordings and anything appropriate to complete the atmosphere. He did a fantastic job of seriously enhancing the set with extracts from thematic and obscure movies. An exchange of files followed, triggering back my response - me adding more samples from my own fav…

Blue Solstice: an Anthem in a Vacuum

An eclectic, complex, multi-layered mix hopping from genre to genre and tempo to tempo, while retaining an abstractly psychedelic and solemn mood. An opus magnum of sorts. Mixed live with Traktor virtually in one take with minimal post-production on FX/EQ, so took me a while to rehearse, in order to get all layers and transitions done the way I wanted (26 tracks in 1 hour) - so this is not a careful and punctual Ableton/Mixmeister construction...

Live @ Goija tea-house closing party

We used to have a fantastic tea-room, Goija, in Riga, Latvia. Cozy, intimate, with inner garden and vast selection of teas. Throwing miniparties and film screenings from time to time. All in all a perfect place to meet and just to sit and relax. Now it's closed for good. Due to closure, a Last Party has been held, I was among the DJs and played this 1-hour ambient/electroacoustic set.

It intersects just a little bit with another mix of mine, A Rest From Intention, hope it's not a big problem (so you won't Stop Me If You Think You Heard This One Before). It also starts a bit misleading, with deconstructed 4x4 beats, because I was continuing from another DJ who played very good dub techno :) - don't let the beginning fool ya ;)

Listen or download from FILES.FM.

A rest from intention

Totally horizontal selection of achingly beautiful recent electroacoustic works, with some old but evergreen ambient post-rock favorites thrown in for a good measure. Otherworldly in general, epic in places, and sometimes intimately lovely. Mixed on a late chilly night of April 19, 2010 under influence of volcanic ashes flying a few miles above the ground.

As usual in such cases, no driving or operating machinery is advised; horizontal position, low lights and Shoyeido (preferably Kin-Kaku) are recommended ;)

Tribalshooting Guide

A trip to the land of bongos and back!

Don't expect the straight-on dancefloor workout though: as always, the road will be [long and] winding. It starts on an easy, deceptively housey vibe, then goes more minimal, into tribal, eventually gets pretty banging, then turns deep & psychedelic (where do you think those special plants grow? right in the jungle!), and ends up easy'n'dubby again. Hope you enjoy the trip!

WolfoLambo: Snobo plays W+L

This is the mix consisting solely of the tracks from NYC label Wolf+Lamb. Why? Because it's a fantastic label. I've become an instant fan after discovering it in 2009 and couldn't get tired of listening to and spinning track after track since. The best house music I heard in ages... Maybe even since the 90s. The sound palette is quite varied, from functional dancefloor business to sonic experiments and jazz-influenced weirdness, but the main sound is what I call "minimal lounge" - jazzy, relaxed but still groovy, tasty house with no cheese and no excess fat too. Oh yeah, and totally rocking disco/funk/pop edits for a good measure :)

Enjoy! And be sure to check for info, podcasts, mixes, and releases that you can buy directly from the label (there are some free tracks too, and free doesn't mean throwaway!)
Soul Clap - Michael Went To Heaven [WL55]Soul Clap - Love Light [WLB01]No Regular Play - Ladyluck (Slow Hand's Remix) [WLM07]Micha…

Rasols: radio show @ Radio Naba

XXI century got a new decade, and we - the DJ wing of the organization Daba - got a new radio show on the local Radio Naba, 93.1 FM (retranslated over the net via The show is called "Rasols" (which is the name of the popular Latvian salad, thus reflecting the mixture of styles, moods and tastes of us radio hosts - Arno, Bombey, Contour (as a DJ duo, known as Home Radio), Marimana and myself). The show is weekly, every Sunday 17:00 Riga time. All shows are archived at our home base for download or streaming.