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Top tracks of the 2011

An approximate collection of 1/100 of tracks that made by days and nights, blew my mind, tore my roof off, and ruled my world in 2011. Definitely incomplete and to be adjusted throughout 2012, as moods come and go, in waves, endlessly pulling you into the future (c).

Bangers not Anthems

This is the recording of a set I played at the Rasols party @ Dirty Deal club, 07 Oct 2011. On the contrary to my well-known specialization in deep, contemplative, epic, beautiful, meditative, relaxed, spaced out stuff (=anthems), this time I decided to remember the old times and rock the party proper.

So - bangers all the way, post-dubstep, UK funky, UK garage, call it whachalike - all shades of UK bass in a 135-bpm tempo!

Also, read what one my most respected selectors - Mincīša Ieraksti - says about this mix in the post @ (in Latvian). Big ups!

Bangers not Anthems by Gosh Snobo on Mixcloud

Just Kitten out now on De'fchild Productions!

After long work and preparations, finally, my track Just Kitten, with remixes from 8 artists, is out on De'fchild Productions, a very great San-Francisco-based label run by Ruoho Ruotsi. The remixes are provided by new and old friends: Selffish, Martinez Gonzalez, Ruoho Ruotsi himself, Havantepe, Triton, The Marx Trukker, Tim Suspect, Celice Monnette & Enrique Gongora...

Too bad a few more friends could not make the cut due to their busy schedule, but still the 62-minute collection does no longer qualify as an EP as it was originally planned... Remix album y'all! :)

The artwork is based on the painting from my dear Mom, done way back circa 1970 ~ more or less the same time as me ;)

Listen and buy on Bandcamp:
Release page:

Absolutely Nothing Happened

This is the recording of my dj set @ Skaņu Mežs, the headquarters of the annual festival of untamed music of the same name (Skaņu Mežs = Sound Forest) in Riga, Latvia, on 2011.05.06. It fits publishing it this nice sunny day, 21st of May 2011, on a good occasion of The Judgement Day, according to this funny guy Harold Camping. Why? Listen till the end to find the answer :)

I was in a retrospective mood, so quite a few old favorites from different eras, but on the other hand there's a lot of brand new and just a little bit of unreleased stuff.


A mix in the series Stillness Is My Move: minimalist ambient, electroacoustic, field recordings in other words - epic stillness (resolving in equally epic slow tectonic movements). Played at Rasols party @ NABAKLAB 2011.03.19.

It was a rare occasion of me dropping my trusted Traktor software in favor of old-skool medium of real, all officially purchased CDs. I wanted an attempt to step from a usual routine (and even a usual material - originally planned to do a set of experimental techno released circa 2000 - which was not possible for several reasons). Anyway, I think I won’t do it again. I prefer better track control, looping/delay possibilities, faster browsing and selection... Though it was still an interesting experience.

Initially, I thought the mix was not very successful. However, after some time and some relistens I changed my mind... It's cold, restrained and isolationist, but still with emotions, especially in the coda. Hope you enjoy it.

Archives: Rasols and Taka sessions

Finally, for the completeness of the blog (which I'm not very active in updating actually) I should let anyone interested know that me & my friends who host radio show Rasols @ Radio Naba finally moved our complete archive of Rasols shows from often faulty to proper international server.

Listen to and follow us at Official.FM/Rasols
Update Sep 2013: our account has been closed by "due to copyright infringement". In other words, this audio hosting site is officially not a mixtape-friendly one. All our show archives plus Rasolniks archive and my own account are gone.

Basically, fu¢k you, Valentine

This is the recording of my set from Home Video #6 event @ Taka cafe, Riga. The title is a nod to the ever hyped 14th February, its influence on my state of mind at the time of performance, and two of the tracks played ;-]

Long Live (@) Pelmeshkin

Here you are, first 1.5 hours of my 6-hour set @ BD party of Erik Pelmeshkin, best pizza maker in Riga, tireless party photographer, good music lover and just an awesome guy all around. Recorded  05.02.2011 @ Jurga's place.

The 6-hour set is edited to 1.5 hours because unfortunately my Soundcloud account (while seemingly limitless) still does not allow attaching and transferring you the prerequisite amount of red wine that you would need to get in the appropriate mood and enjoy the whole thing ;-D Not speaking about Pelmeshkin's pizza of course...

Dekalog : audio-video mix out on De'fchild Productions on DVD

Two years in the works, and finally materialized! I made a mix exclusively from first 10 records released by excellent San Francisco label De'fchild Productions (now defunct), lead by Ruoho Ruotsi. Hence the title "Dekalog" (also a nod to a seminal film by Krzysztof Kieślowski). It is now out as a DVD, coupled with an outstanding & truly original video handmade by Sue-C (best known as Sue Costabile, worked with Kit Clayton and AGF amongst others).

The DVD can be previewed and purchased directly from De'fchild Productions here.