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Burulur EP: Gosh from Yaputhma & Various Artists

After 7 years of sleeping in silence on a dusty hard drive, finally this baby - Burulur EP by Gosh from Yaputhma & Various Artists is released FTW as a free download. A fruit of collaboration with friends - Andrei Oid, Martinez Gonzalez aka gon7o, NGC-5128 and Suspect - who delivered stunning reworks for the original track I made way back in 2008. 

Full disclosure: this was the last time I tried my hands on music software to see if I want to get back to making music after fatal HDD crash in 1999 and subsequent hiatus as a producer. I made this one and another track Just Kitten, which was eventually released on San Francisco label De'fchild Productions (alas, R.I.P.) in the form of a remix album, with a bunch of reworks by Havantepe, Selffish, Martinez Gonzalez, The Marx Trukker and others. The test proved that I actually didn't want to get back to production, and instead I focused on DJing, making mixtapes, hosting a radioshow, writing about music and other popularization …