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WolfoLambo: Snobo plays W+L

This is the mix consisting solely of the tracks from NYC label Wolf+Lamb. Why? Because it's a fantastic label. I've become an instant fan after discovering it in 2009 and couldn't get tired of listening to and spinning track after track since. The best house music I heard in ages... Maybe even since the 90s. The sound palette is quite varied, from functional dancefloor business to sonic experiments and jazz-influenced weirdness, but the main sound is what I call "minimal lounge" - jazzy, relaxed but still groovy, tasty house with no cheese and no excess fat too. Oh yeah, and totally rocking disco/funk/pop edits for a good measure :)

Enjoy! And be sure to check for info, podcasts, mixes, and releases that you can buy directly from the label (there are some free tracks too, and free doesn't mean throwaway!)
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