Waltz of The Fireflies

After 2+ months of work my new mix, originally performed @ Space Textures in September 2015 together with Lee Chapman, is published by Headphone Commute.

Existentially, this mix is a meditation on mortality, a fear of death (own and dear ones) and simultaneously a latent desire to shortcut the earthly path (a theme I started to explore in my Music for a New Beginnings). A kind of aural Maranasati, just prettier and less scary, or a reading from Seneca’s letters, but non-verbal and less moralizing. Kicking off with the sound of clay burial urns captured by Simon Whetham, it is centered around Sufjan Stevens’ lament to his late mother, which opens the gates of an “afterlife” that begins with a narrative from a Russian animation about seeing [signs and] wonders in mundanity and finding a waltz pattern in flashing street lights, followed by a limbo of Melanie De Biasio’s consolation to her own mother, and rounded off by a succession of heavenly piano music dissolving in the sounds of Latvian nature.

We are all fireflies, waltzing our way between two eternities. Do you know how to waltz?

Read the full story behind the mix, check the detailed timecoded tracklist, listen and download MP3 @ Headphone Commute: http://hcdi.gs/WaltzFireflies

Audiophiles can download FLAC here: http://files.fm/u/tunwrvt


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