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(little somethin' called) Trick Bag

I've been silent for quite a long time. My last Rasols mix has been made 10 month ago, as this year I actually took a break from co-hosting the radio show. The reasons for the silence I explained here.

And finally, the material has accumulated - as I like to say, the tracks themselves just started to cry out, begging to be mixed and presented to the audience. As this year I very sparsely followed "the scene", I felt free from obligations to use the freshest and hypest material possible; on the contrary, I wanted to include some compositions that either stand aside of any scenes, or just some songs from authors very dear to me, no matter how out of place they might sound. And - surprise surprise - they actually didn't :)
At the same time, I still like the "sound of today" - liquid beats, deconstructed instrumental hip-hop, aquacrunk, call it watchalike. So here it is - an odd but integral mixture of new and old material, songs and tracks, melodies and beats,…