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Yaputhma Sound System - Live @ Bildes '96

Boom. BIG BADA BOOM. A never-before published footage from LTV archives... Yaputhma Sound System playing live @ Bildes, annual festival in Riga, Latvia, December 1996. As seen on Latvian TV - first 10 minutes of 20-minute performance, featuring the band supported by dancing raver friends.

Performed is a semi-improvised set not completely typical for YaSoSy: trading songs/vocalising, trademark delayed guitar sound and trading live rave'n'roll drumming for steady programmed beats it was the only time Yaputhma Sound System has ever used computer on stage. Partly it was a kind of a sneer towards the classic-rock-guitar nature of the festival, partly - a decision to try something different instead of popular hits expected from the band who was already sick of them at the time.

Вот такое видео археологи раскопали в пыльных подвалах LTV: Yaputhma Sound System живьём на фестивале Bildes '96. Я сам видел его один раз, мельком, 20 лет назад на экране ч/б телевизора. Понятное дело, …