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Basically, fu¢k you, Valentine

This is the recording of my set from Home Video #6 event @ Taka cafe, Riga. The title is a nod to the ever hyped 14th February, its influence on my state of mind at the time of performance, and two of the tracks played ;-]

Long Live (@) Pelmeshkin

Here you are, first 1.5 hours of my 6-hour set @ BD party of Erik Pelmeshkin, best pizza maker in Riga, tireless party photographer, good music lover and just an awesome guy all around. Recorded  05.02.2011 @ Jurga's place.

The 6-hour set is edited to 1.5 hours because unfortunately my Soundcloud account (while seemingly limitless) still does not allow attaching and transferring you the prerequisite amount of red wine that you would need to get in the appropriate mood and enjoy the whole thing ;-D Not speaking about Pelmeshkin's pizza of course...