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Introvertech mix

So, I recorded a new mix, which is supposed to reflect the direction I'm currently going to pursue (in straight-beat oriented realm of electronic music, that is). Which means... the vibes totally opposite to a hot 3am dancefloor action ;) I call it "introvertech"... This is the rhythm & sound I really like and feel for, Raudive and Margaret Dygas totally blew my mind, and Peter Kruder delivered the track of the Summer - "Chordal", so as soon as I feel pretty ecstatic prolly expect more mixes in this vein.

Some of the trax are brand-new, but many are at least year-old or even significantly more. As always, I don't really care about concentrating on last-minute arrivals... I do like revisiting older trax... if they still haven't worn out for me after years of listening, it means they are really good and mean something special to me - and I prefer sharing a music that's special in a way.

Archived and available for streaming at

live @ Videography III : Space Textures mix

I've recorded my live DJ mix @ Videography : Space Textures III in Riga, Latvia, a multimedia event as part of annual White Night festival, 12.09.2009. It's a conceptual and epic blend of organic microsound design mixed with modern classical, a.k.a. neochamber, pieces. So not a single drum beat in sight (er... or in... hearing?).

I really like it myself, I hoped it would be nice but was surprised how actually good it sounds to my ears... However, please beware: no driving/operating machinery while listening to this one! Tripping out is very possible (not to say it is intended). Horizontal position, eyes closed and peace of mind are highly recommended.