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Frozen Bass - live @ Localise: Baltic Session

The set I've played @ Localise: Baltic Session, the future bass night @ Media Station, Riga, 17 Dec 2010.

The main thing here is not the novelty of tracks, but the selection and juxtaposition of old and new stuff, and variety of moods.

Although I've been closely following dubstep scene since maybe 2006 or so, and often included separate tracks in my radio shows or cross-genre sets, I never cared to record full-on 140bpm mix. So this is the first one (maybe it would be the last one as well, who knows). Also, this year I seriously reduced the amounts of dubstep in my musical pedigree, therefore the mix includes quite a few old faves (I still think the first genius Pangaea record is his best, and generally the early Hessle Audio was better), some recent releases, a couple of unreleased tracks and - it wouldn't be me - some works that stray away from or are even remotely not related to the *step field.