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Snobo's 2012 - the end of the year mix

So, this is my official end-of-the-year roundup mix. More or less a "best of" selection, although of course a lot of stuff didn't make it, especially from the isolationist/ambient or folk/singer-songwriter realms - it just didn't fit the mood of the mix and, more importantly, I actually prefer that kind of stuff unmixed. Also, I can confess and admit that this year I stopped following certain scenes or radically decreased attention paid to new artists, releases and labels. Yes, an oversaturation/information overdose thing, exactly. In fact, I've been listening to less music than before - instead I started reading again after long break... call me old fashioned ;) Anyway... Still, when compiling this mixtape, I reminisced back and I can just say - what a great year it was! Wasn't it? :)