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A rest from intention

Totally horizontal selection of achingly beautiful recent electroacoustic works, with some old but evergreen ambient post-rock favorites thrown in for a good measure. Otherworldly in general, epic in places, and sometimes intimately lovely. Mixed on a late chilly night of April 19, 2010 under influence of volcanic ashes flying a few miles above the ground.

As usual in such cases, no driving or operating machinery is advised; horizontal position, low lights and Shoyeido (preferably Kin-Kaku) are recommended ;)

Tribalshooting Guide

A trip to the land of bongos and back!

Don't expect the straight-on dancefloor workout though: as always, the road will be [long and] winding. It starts on an easy, deceptively housey vibe, then goes more minimal, into tribal, eventually gets pretty banging, then turns deep & psychedelic (where do you think those special plants grow? right in the jungle!), and ends up easy'n'dubby again. Hope you enjoy the trip!