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SoundRound guest mix

Year 2012 brought radical change of my listening habits. I listen to less new music than ever (instead I read more than ever, at least in a decade or even two). I rarely download anything - too often checking online is enough to understand that I don't actually need to extend my huge collection even more. Granted, I still buy CDs (and even a couple of vinyls) - mostly ambientish, although sometimes I pay my debts to contemporary beatmakers I respect and who opened new doors for me. I still love fresh beat-related music - post-dubstep, instrumental hip-hop, juke - but I can no longer work through its endless crates as a selector: the scene is so wide and there is so much music made which is ok, but too... momentary, transient, which fades away too fast. In other words, "scenius" music - that belongs to the scene and is better consumed in the mix, as part of the whole. These days, this is how I prefer enjoying this kind of music - by appreciating the work of other selecto…