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The Lathe of Heaven

The rules are made to be broken. A Rasoļņiks by definition is an impromptu collab mix, created by momentary impulse. But when Bombey and me recorded a minimal back2back ambient/drone/electroacoustic set on June 13, 2010, upon listening to it we concluded that it kinda sounds good, but... something was missing. Maybe it was the absence of Arno with his always surprising spoken word selections? An idea to do some kind of post-production followed: the original recording already contained some movie samples, so what if we add more extracts from our favourite films, making a "thematic" Rasolnik?

And that's when we turned to our like-minded friend, Discrepant's honcho Gonzo, asking him to add spoken words, field recordings and anything appropriate to complete the atmosphere. He did a fantastic job of seriously enhancing the set with extracts from thematic and obscure movies. An exchange of files followed, triggering back my response - me adding more samples from my own fav…