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A mix in the series Stillness Is My Move: minimalist ambient, electroacoustic, field recordings in other words - epic stillness (resolving in equally epic slow tectonic movements). Played at Rasols party @ NABAKLAB 2011.03.19.

It was a rare occasion of me dropping my trusted Traktor software in favor of old-skool medium of real, all officially purchased CDs. I wanted an attempt to step from a usual routine (and even a usual material - originally planned to do a set of experimental techno released circa 2000 - which was not possible for several reasons). Anyway, I think I won’t do it again. I prefer better track control, looping/delay possibilities, faster browsing and selection... Though it was still an interesting experience.

Initially, I thought the mix was not very successful. However, after some time and some relistens I changed my mind... It's cold, restrained and isolationist, but still with emotions, especially in the coda. Hope you enjoy it.

Archives: Rasols and Taka sessions

Finally, for the completeness of the blog (which I'm not very active in updating actually) I should let anyone interested know that me & my friends who host radio show Rasols @ Radio Naba finally moved our complete archive of Rasols shows from often faulty to proper international server.

Listen to and follow us at Official.FM/Rasols
Update Sep 2013: our account has been closed by "due to copyright infringement". In other words, this audio hosting site is officially not a mixtape-friendly one. All our show archives plus Rasolniks archive and my own account are gone.