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On 6 September 2014, under the auspices of the contemporary culture forum White Night, the electronic music festival “Watercolours”, organized by my old friend, colleague and brother in arms Selffish, after 12-year break has again taken place at the floating arts centre NOASS on AB Dambis (AB Jetty) in Riga. The complete Rasols DJ crew has taken over the NOASS' 2nd floor, with audience residing on the jetty, enjoying the quality of the superb PA and the visuals projected on several screens; the highlight of the night has become the live graffiti writing performed by the godfather of Riga street art scene - Krys (Крыс).

Being in the strictly minimal ambient/electroacoustic mood, I nevertheless had a momentary whim of starting the set with a penultimate flashback from LV rave-o-lution times - the epic ambient classic, Banco De Gaia's "Kinkajou (Duck! Asteroid)" remix, the track that kicked off the party of the parties, the one that opened the doors of perception for t…