Snapshots at an Exhibition (mix for Tik Tak Radio)

An epic journey! Unlike my previous mixes - Introvertech and Slowtech, this one is not that moody, in parts even quite uplifting... But still don't expect a steady dancefloor action anyway - it's not one-flavour mix for sure. As always, it's a mixture of brand-new and old tunes. Some of them are my favorites of the year - Goldmann's grandiose remix of "Arcade", Solomun's remix of "Una Peña", "Leave It All Behind" (one of the many fruits from the garden of Autonomic delights), a fragment of Bruno Pronsato's opus magnum, and Villalobos' majestic "rework of the rework" (although nominally released in December 2008, exactly a year ago, but let's consider it a tune of the 2009). So, if you wish, take it as a short summary of the year...

The title "Snapshots at an Exhibition" partly refers to a XXI-century techno-logical update of Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition", a suite he wrote in 1874 in memory of the painter Victor Gartman and his art, and which is now trance-mitted to a modern generation via "Uli, Mein Ponyhof RMX". At the other hand, this can be an apt description of the mix itself: while Mussorgsky, Craig, Von Oswald and Villalobos are Creators with a capital C, I see myself just as an art lover, a connosieur (a fine word, but essentially - a consumer), who walks along the arcade of an exhibition hall and while the guards are not watching, takes amateurish snapshots - not professional photographs, not even with a DSLR... I'm not creating anything. The best I can do is just selecting the most interesting and deserving exhibitions to go to, and picking my faves. And sometimes supporting the artists by paying the entrance fee.
  1. Daniel Stefanik "Reactivity 1"
  2. TVO "Black Wing Encroaching"
  3. Tadeo "Virgo"
  4. Sten "Squares"
  5. Instra:Mental "Leave It All Behind"
  6. A Made Up Sound "Bounce"
  7. Franco Cagnelli "Medicine Man"
  8. Morgan Geist "Detoured"
  9. Pearson Sound "Indelible"
  10. Danny Fiddo And Affkt "Cartas Para Geisha"
  11. Gabriel Le Mar "Nova Bluez (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Rmx)"
  12. Minilogue "Arb Almub Almoh"
  13. Stimming Feat. Paulo Olarte "Una Pena (Solomun Vocal Mix)"
  14. Sis "Can Bando"
  15. Dinky "Epilepsia"
  16. Bruno Pronsato "The Make Up The Break Up"
  17. Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald "ReComposed": Villalobos "Uli, Mein Ponyhof RMX"
  18. Santiago Salazar "Arcade (Stefan Goldmann Mix)"
  19. Tadeo "Metro"
  20. Art Bleek "Micronism"

December 2009


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