Best of 2009: Autonomic Podcasts

Things I was excited about in 2009 pt.2

This one is related to “Best of 2009: The rise of mnml db”, but I decided that it deserves a separate mention. So… at a certain moment of time a very simple-looking website‑ that has exactly one simple page with links to monthly podcasts with no tracklists and no credits has attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads and crashed, so the de-jure anonymous people behind it had to change the internet provider.

Why the hype? Because each podcast, roughly about 1-2 hours long, consisted of delicious, fresh-out-of-oven, mostly unreleased mnml dnb yummies in a mixed section, wrapped in the “Influences” enclosure, that featured ANYTHING that was considered influential by the people behind Autonomic crew – dBridge and Instra:mental guys (Al Bleek and Kid Drama). Both sections were just mind-blowingly tasty, but I think it’s exactly due to the enclosure these podcasts have become THAT popular. Mostly consisting of absolutely non-dnb-related electronica of 90s and 00s, it also included US rap old and new, electro, funk, pop songs, everything - you could hear Autechre, Drexciya, Alan Parson’s Project, Tangerine Dream, The Stone Roses, Prince, even Whitesnake (!) and Foreigner (!). Exactly this effortless genre hopping, sometimes with mixing, sometimes without, equally effortlessly segued into the mnml dnb section, and overall futuristic mood (somehow the retro-futurism of 80s electrofunk shook hands with the latest productions) made the series virtually a cult in certain circles.

My favorite is the podcast #7 (which I heard the first in series, so maybe it’s like a first love, hard to judge now) – but absolutely each of them deserves a download and a listen.‑

UPDATE: The official home of Autonomic podcasts had been closed for long time, with the URL forwarding to the website of the new series launched by dBridge and Kid Drama - Heart Drive. However, as of March 2014 it's available again. 

Still, you might also visit a community-supported blog

for alternative downloads and most importantly - tracklists and information.


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