[after]live @ Space : Garage 19.12.2009

This is a recreation of the set I played @ Space:Garage on Disco Not Disco party. Recreation, because... I forgot to press that red record button, ya know... ;) And I really, really liked the vibe, so I just mixed exactly the same records in exactly the same order a couple of days later, hot on the heels of love, so to say. I also wanted to replicate that loose club feeling, playing around with tracks or rather letting them play with me... So it's the most precise reconstruction of a lost live recording possible.

Well, honestly, almost... except for the last 2 tracks, to be 100% precise. Mike Monday's unofficial remix of Animal Collective's "My Girls" is a good tool and a proper peak banger, but... fairly enough, the original is unbeatable, and I actually wanted to play the latter that night, but for some reason haven't done it, so now - revenge (two in one)! And after all, it's nice to close the 2009 with totally the best song released this year :)


Tracklist on Samurai.FM via the link above.


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