Basically, fu¢k you, Valentine

This is the recording of my set from Home Video #6 event @ Taka cafe, Riga. The title is a nod to the ever hyped 14th February, its influence on my state of mind at the time of performance, and two of the tracks played ;-]

Btw, the cafe where the event took place - Taka - is officially my favorite place in Riga to play at. Cozy, intimate but at the same time not sleepy, original design of everything, best attitude to DJs from hosts I've ever encountered, and just plain good aura. As a result, I feel myself totally at ease and can play any music I love, for how long I want. I keep an archive of my sessions here:


0:00:00 Carlos y Gaby ▪ Universal Peace (Strung Between Stars Over a River of Milk)
0:01:30 Baths ▪ Lovely Bloodflow
0:04:47 Blank & Kytt ▪ Nova
0:06:11 Blank & Kytt ▪ Sailing
0:07:43 Hype Williams ▪ Rescue Dawn
0:10:52 Star Slinger ▪ Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins Rework)
0:14:18 oOoOO ▪ NoSummr4U
0:18:51 Forest Swords ▪ Rattling Cage (Dro Carey 'Neon Hudrat' Mix)
0:22:00 Deru ▪ Basically, Fuck You.
0:26:07 FUR ▪ Black Castles (with Alan Palomo)
0:30:06 Balam Acab ▪ See Birds (Sun)
0:33:35 Floating Points ▪ Argonaute II
0:37:14 James Blake ▪ Limit To Your Love (Dauwd Remix)
0:43:15 Balam Acab ▪ Big Boy
0:44:59 James Blake ▪ Measurements
0:49:18 How To Dress Well ▪ Suicide Dream 2
0:52:03 Portico Quartet ▪ Line
0:59:03 F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm ▪ Onward Onward
1:00:06 Miranda Sex Garden ▪ My Funny Valentine
1:04:34 Tom Waits ▪ Blue Valentines


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