Just Kitten out now on De'fchild Productions!

After long work and preparations, finally, my track Just Kitten, with remixes from 8 artists, is out on De'fchild Productions, a very great San-Francisco-based label run by Ruoho Ruotsi. The remixes are provided by new and old friends: Selffish, Martinez Gonzalez, Ruoho Ruotsi himself, Havantepe, Triton, The Marx Trukker, Tim Suspect, Celice Monnette & Enrique Gongora...

Too bad a few more friends could not make the cut due to their busy schedule, but still the 62-minute collection does no longer qualify as an EP as it was originally planned... Remix album y'all! :)

The artwork is based on the painting from my dear Mom, done way back circa 1970 ~ more or less the same time as me ;)

Listen and buy on Bandcamp: http://defchild.bandcamp.com/album/just-kitten
Release page: http://www.defchild.com/releases.php?id=dcp021


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