Blue Solstice: an Anthem in a Vacuum

An eclectic, complex, multi-layered mix hopping from genre to genre and tempo to tempo, while retaining an abstractly psychedelic and solemn mood. An opus magnum of sorts. Mixed live with Traktor virtually in one take with minimal post-production on FX/EQ, so took me a while to rehearse, in order to get all layers and transitions done the way I wanted (26 tracks in 1 hour) - so this is not a careful and punctual Ableton/Mixmeister construction...

My sincere recommendation to those who care to check this one out - I humbly suggest listening to it in one take, and preferably not as a background music, but rather while paying attention. It was conceived and played with an idea of dramatic development in mind, really as a kind of a trip... Plus all these details and layers... It's neither a dance mix nor a chill-out relaxation session, rather an integral piece that - hopefully - tells a story and is "more than sum of its parts", if you know what I'm sayin'...

Shout outs go to Gonzo (Discrepant) for the inspiration on doing this one. And to Macka for forging the most creative and out-of-this-world dubstep variations I ever heard (not speaking of his works in other genres), that blew my mind so bad that I included 3 tracks from his free Images EP, which kinda creates one of the axes of the mix.

00:00:00 CAMILLE ▪ the note sustained throughout the bonus track and generally her album "Le Fil"
00:02:12 AARON MARTIN ▪ Branch Wheel ▪ Chautauqua
00:04:10 SATELLITES LV ▪ I'm Afraid Of The Food They're Selling ▪ Kind Of Glue EP
00:06:26 EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY ▪ Day Three ▪ The Rescue
00:09:24 AU ▪ Summerheat ▪ Verbs
00:11:20 BANJO OR FREAKOUT ▪ Blue Christams ▪ XA2009
00:14:07 THE EMBASSADORS ▪ Interlude ▪ Coptic Dub
00:15:02 MACKA ▪ Snow Walking ▪ Images EP
00:16:20 EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN ▪ Mei Ro ▪ The Jewels
00:18:30 THE EMBASSADORS ▪ Desdemona Breathes ▪ Coptic Dub
00:20:22 MACKA ▪ Salgado Goldmine ▪ Images EP
00:24:00 EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN ▪ Epharisto ▪ The Jewels
00:26:12 DEMDIKE STARE ▪ Conjoined ▪ Symbiosis
00:28:20 GUITAR ▪ José ▪ It´s Sweet To Do Nothing!
00:31:13 RAPOON ▪ Ora ▪ Kirghiz Light
00:33:49 TAKEN BY TREES ▪ Bekannelse ▪ East Of Eden
00:37:08 GUITAR ▪ I Dream The Dusty Road Over There ▪ It´s Sweet To Do Nothing!
00:38:43 TARWATER ▪ To Moauf ▪ Silur
00:40:29 DJ CAM ▪ Friends And Enemies ▪ Substances
00:43:27 ABSTRACT ELEMENTS ▪ Abysmal Depth ▪ Exit 019
00:46:14 THE DYLAN GROUP ▪ Bittersweet [Hot & Sour Mix By Olive, Lloop, Once 11] ▪ Re-Interpreted
00:48:26 CONSEQUENCE ▪ Farewell ▪ Live For Never
00:51:24 MACKA ▪ Lost At Sea ▪ Images EP
00:54:46 SONIC YOUTH ▪ Hyperstation (edit) ▪ Daydream Nation
00:59:30 WIXEL ▪ Schizophrenia ▪ Wixel Plays Sonic Youth
01:02:52 KONTEXT ▪ Outroduction ▪ La Dissidence


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