Rasols: radio show @ Radio Naba

XXI century got a new decade, and we - the DJ wing of the organization Daba - got a new radio show on the local Radio Naba, 93.1 FM (retranslated over the net via www.naba.lv). The show is called "Rasols" (which is the name of the popular Latvian salad, thus reflecting the mixture of styles, moods and tastes of us radio hosts - Arno, Bombey, Contour (as a DJ duo, known as Home Radio), Marimana and myself). The show is weekly, every Sunday 17:00 Riga time. All shows are archived at our home base official.fm/rasols for download or streaming.
However, while my space limit allows, at least for some time I will also host mixes/podcasts/selection I make for the show @ my soundcloud. They will differ from the ones hosted via daba.info in that on my SC there will be original mixes without voice overdubs (in Russian) I do live in the studio (for the time being, I prefer to prepare the show @ home, and only speak over the recorded podcast during the air).

I'm very happy to have my monthly (as we are many people, so normally each one of us gets one show a month; but we will prolly also cross-pollinate and do minimixes and show collabs in various combinations too) show and generally be part of Daba. Also, in these podcasts I feel myself quite free to choose any music I love with almost no restrictions, so it means possibility of stepping out of the dancefloor bizniz and beat-matching routine (not that I will never do it! We have plans to do a co-show with Bombey solely dedicated to a guy named Ricardo Villalobos, so expect two tight half an hour megamixes from each of us).
Tracklists on the Soundcloud itself.

Rasolnik (Рассольник)

In addition to radio shows, we do experimental, cross-genre impromptu back2back mixes, playing mostly non-dancefloor stuff, trying to add as much acapellas, spoken word and FX as possible (especially if Arno is participating). These are called "Rasolnik's" (which is the name of a traditional Russian soup, known by the huge number of ingredients and actually freedom to put anything in there).

The full Rasolniks archive is available at mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/rasolniks/


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