Live @ Goija tea-house closing party

We used to have a fantastic tea-room, Goija, in Riga, Latvia. Cozy, intimate, with inner garden and vast selection of teas. Throwing miniparties and film screenings from time to time. All in all a perfect place to meet and just to sit and relax. Now it's closed for good. Due to closure, a Last Party has been held, I was among the DJs and played this 1-hour ambient/electroacoustic set.

It intersects just a little bit with another mix of mine, A Rest From Intention, hope it's not a big problem (so you won't Stop Me If You Think You Heard This One Before). It also starts a bit misleading, with deconstructed 4x4 beats, because I was continuing from another DJ who played very good dub techno :) - don't let the beginning fool ya ;)

Listen or download from FILES.FM.


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