Introvertech mix

So, I recorded a new mix, which is supposed to reflect the direction I'm currently going to pursue (in straight-beat oriented realm of electronic music, that is). Which means... the vibes totally opposite to a hot 3am dancefloor action ;) I call it "introvertech"... This is the rhythm & sound I really like and feel for, Raudive and Margaret Dygas totally blew my mind, and Peter Kruder delivered the track of the Summer - "Chordal", so as soon as I feel pretty ecstatic prolly expect more mixes in this vein.

Some of the trax are brand-new, but many are at least year-old or even significantly more. As always, I don't really care about concentrating on last-minute arrivals... I do like revisiting older trax... if they still haven't worn out for me after years of listening, it means they are really good and mean something special to me - and I prefer sharing a music that's special in a way.

Archived and available for streaming at
  1. Steve Reich "Music for 18 Musicians
    (Ruoho Ruotsi's Pulse Section Dub Remix)"
  2. Aschka "Rain (Kate Simko Remix)"
  3. Lawrence "Miles"
  4. Triton "Dumont"
  5. Lawrence "Don't Follow Me"
  6. Raudive "Tul"
  7. Margaret Dygas "37 min to 7"
  8. Soul Capsule "Waiting 4 A Way"
  9. Pupkulies & Rebecca "C-Dub"
  10. Ruoho Ruotsi "Eclaircies (Triton Version)"
  11. Kate Simko "Gamelan"
  12. Loco Dice "La Esquina"
  13. Peter Kruder "Visions Ltd."
  14. Kate Simko "God particle"
  15. Ellen Allien "Ondu (Paul Ritch Remix)"
  16. Peter Kruder "Chordal"
  17. Bruno Pronsato "Why Can't We Be Like Us"
  18. Kabuto & Koji "Drunken Slumber"


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