live @ Videography III : Space Textures mix

I've recorded my live DJ mix @ Videography : Space Textures III in Riga, Latvia, a multimedia event as part of annual White Night festival, 12.09.2009. It's a conceptual and epic blend of organic microsound design mixed with modern classical, a.k.a. neochamber, pieces. So not a single drum beat in sight (er... or in... hearing?).

I really like it myself, I hoped it would be nice but was surprised how actually good it sounds to my ears... However, please beware: no driving/operating machinery while listening to this one! Tripping out is very possible (not to say it is intended). Horizontal position, eyes closed and peace of mind are highly recommended.

The whole event took place in Riga Circus, with 3 videoscreens hanging from the ceiling, musicians performing from the entrance to the arena, VJs from the orchestra balcony, and the
audience both sitting in circles and walking/dancing across the arena. Add an aroma of mighty animals. Quite an extravaganza ;)

So... choose your mode of listening/downloading:

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P.S. The tracklist (also available in PDF):

0:00:00 Ensemble "For Good" (Ensemble, Fat Cat, FATCD44)
0:01:29 Jean-Luc Herelle "Two Herds of Cows Mix, a Thunder-Storm Threatens" (Pastoral Bells, Sittelle, 30005-2)
0:03:44 Alva Noto "Flashforward" (For, Line, Line_026)
0:06:46 Jasper Leyland "Taken" (Wake, 12x50, Carbon Series 5)
0:12:27 Jasper Leyland "Worth Ash" (Little Things, Flau, FLAU04)
0:14:16 Jimmy Behan "Awake" (The Echo Garden, Audiobulb Records, AB020)
0:17:19 Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello "Variation 2" (The Gorilla Variations, 12k, 12k2013)
0:22:02 Koen Holtkamp "You Mean The World To Me" (Field Rituals, Type, TYPE035)
0:24:33 Fennesz + Sakamoto "Glow" (Cendre, Touch, Tone 32)
0:28:02 Tape "A Bell Made of Bones (Stephan Mathieu remix)" (Operette, Cubicfabric, cubicf03)
0:31:46 Taylor Deupree "Midlight" (January, Spekk, KK001)
0:35:29 Henning Schmiedt "3 Teelöffel Backpulver" (Klavierraum, Flau, FLAU06)
0:39:32 Andrey Kiritchenko "Let Oneself In" (Misterrious, Spekk, KK: 017)
0:42:34 Dakota Suite "Een Langzaam Lekkende Wond (Swod remix)" (The Night Just Keeps Coming In, Navigators Yard, NY001)
0:47:09 Tomasz Bednarczyk "The Sketch" (Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow, 12k, 12k1055)
0:51:25 Sonic Youth "Providence" (Daydream Nation, Geffen, GED 24515)
0:53:47 Peter Broderick "Film Score Outtake 3" (Five Film Score Outtakes, Secret Furry Hole, SFH 003)
0:58:11 Library Tapes "Fragment V" (Fragment, Kning Disk, KD049)
0:59:40 Amina "Skakka" (Animamina, The Worker's Institute, TWI 1)
1:03:19 Jonsi & Alex "Happiness" (Riceboy Sleeps, Parlophone, 50999 963002 2 0)
1:10:24 Peter Broderick "Part 4: The Dream" (Music For Falling From Trees, Erased Tapes Records, ERATP15CD)
1:14:50 Jacaszek "Rytm To Nieśmiertelność II" (Treny, Miasmah, MIACD007)

P.P.S. Funny, but coincidentally, luckily and without a purpose the mix just happened to span 80 minutes minus one second, thus filling all the capacity of a CD-R, if anyone still uses this medium. Almost like a new Luciano album... :D


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