Colours of the Water

This is a redux studio version of a mix I played @ Watercolours festival in Riga on 06.09.2014, which I have recorded and already previously, but Soundcloud banned it for copyright reasons, so it ended up on Mixcloud only. Still, I kept thinking of finding a way to make it available on Soundcloud where I have much wider audience, but a straightforward edit wasn't an option because taking the suppressed track out would ruin the dramaturgy of the mix; and actually, I was already considering reshaping the live take into a more refined studio version.

So here it is: meticulously constructed, multi-layered assemblage that still takes cues from momentary impulses of a live performance. I think it's one of the cases when an obstacle forces you to improve and achieve even better results than you originally were aiming for.

Download is available in a Soundcloud's natural way (MP3 320 kbps); audiophiles can also grab lossless (FLAC) via "Download FLAC" button or just right here:


00:00:00 Kate Carr ▪ Paris Winter/Spring: Walking
00:00:50 Janek Schaefer ▪ Radio 101 FM
00:03:02 Opitope ▪ Light Blue Mist and Ripple
00:05:38 Melodia ▪ The Spirit of Rain Arrives to the Forest
00:09:29 Richard Ginns ▪ Sea Change
00:11:30 Stephen Vitiello + Taylor Deupree ▪ From the Fish House
00:15:39 Ryuichi Sakamoto + Taylor Deupree ▪ Frozen Fountain
00:18:50 Kate Carr ▪ Paris Winter/Spring: Insides
00:22:00 Andrew Weathers ▪ Less Burn, More Glow
00:23:50 Richard Ginns ▪ A Wave, A Beginning
00:26:20 Taylor Deupree ▪ So Sleepy
00:28:30 Rothko ▪ This Lake of Hope
00:30:24 Marcus Fischer + the OO-Ray ▪ Reconstruction
00:32:30 Twincities ▪ Prelude in E Major
00:34:20 Broderick and Broderick ▪ Ashokan Farewell
00:35:14 Orla Wren ▪ Mountains and Wishbones (with Aaron Martin)
00:40:18 Marcus Fischer + the OO-Ray ▪ Reconstruction (+Kate Carr - Fountains)
00:43:40 Ghost And Tape ▪ Pere IV
00:46:40 Taylor Deupree ▪ Journal (rough)
00:48:16 Jan Bang + Tuule Kann ▪ Singer's Childhood

P.S. The original live version is still available on Mixcloud, read more about it here if you're curious.


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