Solitude is a drug, or Abstracts on loneliness (Organic Sounds session)

After a long silence, finally: a new mix. A recording of an austere, minimalist ambient set I played at Organic Sounds event (the successor of the great series of chillout Wednesdays in 2010, Om Tree).

I've taken the liberty to slightly adjust its tail end though, adding one extra track and replacing the coda. Otherwise no edits, straight as it was - an uneasy journey from despair to acceptance.

In the intro, what you hear is Kim Ki Duk singing "Arirang", a traditional Korean song from his own film of the same name. If you have seen the movie, you may understand why I started the set with it. If you don't, I cautiously advise you to do so - cautiously, because 1) it's not an easy watch 2) it's not for everyone 3) knowing and loving Kim Ki Duk's previous films - at least "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring" is virtually a pre-requisite. I experienced a shock and a very strong catharsis when I saw it - amplified by the state of uneasiness of watching such an intimate, confessional narrative of a very unusual form in a public place of a cinema. Despite that I have seen many Kim's movies (I'm a fan) and it's an absolutely atypical film for him, I'll probably call it his best, on pair with the "Spring..." mentioned above. So, be informed and be warned.

TRACKLIST (Artist ▪ Title ▪ Album (Label, Year):
Intro: Kim Ki Duk singing "Arirang" (more info below).
00:02:00 Hilary Hahn & Hauschka ▪ Stillness ▪ Silfra (Deutsche Grammophon, 2012)
00:03:23 Library Tapes ▪ Parlour (Variation I) ▪ Sun Peeking Through (Auetic, 2012)
00:04:44 Haruka Nakamura ▪ Plus ▪ Afterglow (Schole, 2007)
00:08:10 Marielle V Jakobsons ▪ Purple Sands ▪ Glass Canyon (Students Of Decay, 2012)
00:11:30 Isnaj Dui ▪ Peripheral Motion ▪ Abstracts on Solitude (Hibernate, 2012)
00:17:00 Ursprung ▪ Am Buachaille ▪ Ursprung (Dial, 2012)
00:19:58 Christian Fennesz ▪ AUN80 ▪ AUN: The Beginning and The End Of All Things (Ash International, 2012)
00:22:38 Keith Freund ▪ For Broke / Everything is Real ▪ Constant Comments (Experimedia, 2011)
00:23:57 Steve Peters + Steve Roden ▪ Winds Through Bleak Timber ▪ Not A Leaf Remains As It Was (12K, 2012)
00:28:00 Marcus Fischer ▪ Willamette River ▪ Rivers Home (Flaming Pines, 2011)
00:32:20 Illuha ▪ Seiya ▪ Shizuku (12K, 2011)
00:38:30 M. Ostermeier ▪ Lost Weekend, Revisionist History ▪ Lakefront (Hibernate, 2010)
00:41:46 Isnaj Dui ▪ The Last Will Become a Darker Grey ▪ Abstracts on Solitude (Hibernate, 2012)
00:45:40 Shigeto ▪ New Light ▪ New Light EP (soundcloud, 2011)
00:48:15 Library Tapes ▪ Sun peeking through ▪ Sun Peeking Through (Auetic, 2012)
00:50:22 Blondie vs Philip Glass ▪ Heart of Glass (Daft Beatles mashup) ▪  (soundcloud, 2011)
00:55:10 Daughter ▪ Medicine ▪ The Wild Youth EP (Communion Records, 2011)


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