SoundRound guest mix

Year 2012 brought radical change of my listening habits. I listen to less new music than ever (instead I read more than ever, at least in a decade or even two). I rarely download anything - too often checking online is enough to understand that I don't actually need to extend my huge collection even more. Granted, I still buy CDs (and even a couple of vinyls) - mostly ambientish, although sometimes I pay my debts to contemporary beatmakers I respect and who opened new doors for me. I still love fresh beat-related music - post-dubstep, instrumental hip-hop, juke - but I can no longer work through its endless crates as a selector: the scene is so wide and there is so much music made which is ok, but too... momentary, transient, which fades away too fast. In other words, "scenius" music - that belongs to the scene and is better consumed in the mix, as part of the whole. These days, this is how I prefer enjoying this kind of music - by appreciating the work of other selectors, who still have the energy and time to dig.

So this short half-an-hour mixtape, apparently, is my dj farewell (at least for the foreseeable future) to the "scene".

It's a mix I made for the radio show SoundRound (Radio Naba 93.1 FM, hosted by DJ Monsta, an old friend of mine we used to shared stages with in the 90s, when he was a DJ and I kinda MCed for Latvian jazz-funk band Time After Time. He's a very good DJ, both taste and skill-wise; also works with live musicians on collaborative projects, the results of which I can't wait to hear. And hopefully it won't take long for him to start producing his own music... Check his show on

This is it!

● The Dene Road - Athene (Young Montana? Remix)
● Pritch & Trim - Stereotype + Kiss My Arse
● Tensei - For The Love (instr + bonus feat Adad, Yaw & Denmar)
● Filastine - Colony Collapse (Squeaky Lobster remix)
● Clams Casino - Illest Alive
● Lapalux - Gutter Glitter + Moments (feat. Py)
● Ifan Dafydd - Treehouse
● Shigeto - Field Trip
● Portico Quartet - Steepless
● Keiska - Tearjerk
● Shlohmo - Wen uuu (Salva Remix)
● Gang Colours - Fancy Restaurant (Machinedrum Remix)


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