Slowtech mix

Continuing the series started by last month's Introvertech mix, volume 2 is even moodier: SLOWTECH focuses on straight beats in the range of 110-118bpm. So, get your tea, a book, a hammock or rocking chair with a mohair plaid ready, and let the slomo begin ;)

Archived, available for streaming at

0:00:00 Pablo Bolivar "Home"
0:02:41 Sven Weisemann "Xine Rising"
0:06:28 Process "Nviro"
0:10:08 Pablo Bolivar "Channel One"
0:13:53 Kadebostan "Hidden Treasure"
0:17:53 Kadebostan "Sofia On Stage"
0:20:44 Rayon "Folks & Flakes (Morning Mix)"
0:23:12 Andy Stott "See In Me"
0:26:58 Sven Weisemann "Xine Zero"
0:29:18 Wechsel Garland "Be, Baby (Lawrence Mix)"
0:33:18 Daniel Stefanik "Reactivity 4"
0:36:14 Lawrence "Jill"
0:44:00 Pablo Bolivar feat Sistema "Memories"
0:44:09 Sven Weisemann "Feel"
0:47:22 Leftover "Response"
0:49:55 Wareika "Baracuda"
0:54:37 Invisible Conga People "Cable Dazed"
1:00:03 Yennek "Serena X"
1:03:43 Imps "Almost Live But Definetly Plugged (Move D Remix)"
1:08:57 Wechsel Garland "Be, Baby (Lawrence Bonus Beats)"
1:11:26 Pupkulies & Rebecca "Our Little Ones"


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