Long Live (@) Pelmeshkin

Here you are, first 1.5 hours of my 6-hour set @ BD party of Erik Pelmeshkin, best pizza maker in Riga, tireless party photographer, good music lover and just an awesome guy all around. Recorded  05.02.2011 @ Jurga's place.

The 6-hour set is edited to 1.5 hours because unfortunately my Soundcloud account (while seemingly limitless) still does not allow attaching and transferring you the prerequisite amount of red wine that you would need to get in the appropriate mood and enjoy the whole thing ;-D Not speaking about Pelmeshkin's pizza of course...


  1. Freund Der Familie – Symbian (Christopher Rau Remix)
  2. Anton Zap – 38
  3. No Regular Play – Slide Away (Zev’s Summer Remix)
  4. Cassy – Magnificent Cat Won’t Do
  5. Anton Zap – Taj Mahal
  6. Moebius & Neumeier – Jiro (Prins Thomas Miks Part 1)
  7. Nick Hoeppner – ISP
  8. Mike Shannon feat Fadila – Under The Radar (Wasted Chicago Youth Dub Mix)
  9. Bruno Pronsato – Feel Right
  10. Public Lover – Naked Figures
  11. Nicolas Jaar – Nico’s Feelin Good
  12. Anton Zap – I Get No Kick From Champagne
  13. Michel Cleis – Don Fiore
  14. Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Restructure 2 + short excerpt from Margaret Dygas – Pg. 21
  15. Arandel – In D3 (Over You Vocal Remix by Bruno Pronsato)
  16. Maskine – D
  17. El_Txef_A – She Kissed Me First (Minilogue’s Hypno Remix)
  18. Northworks – Through


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