Tribalshooting Guide

A trip to the land of bongos and back!

Don't expect the straight-on dancefloor workout though: as always, the road will be [long and] winding. It starts on an easy, deceptively housey vibe, then goes more minimal, into tribal, eventually gets pretty banging, then turns deep & psychedelic (where do you think those special plants grow? right in the jungle!), and ends up easy'n'dubby again. Hope you enjoy the trip!

01) My My and Emika ▪ Price Tag (Sideshow Dub) ▪ Aus Music
02) Julio Bashmore ▪ Bad Apple ▪ unreleased
03) Steffi ▪ Kill Me (Instrumental Dub Mix) ▪ Ostgut
04) Ali Kuru ▪ Wassa ▪ Thirtyonetwenty
05) Arado & Den Ishu ▪ I Know ▪ Desolat
06) Ali Kuru ▪ Feeling Blue ▪ Thirtyonetwenty
07) Sascha Dive ▪ Olivia ▪ Raum…Musik
08) Cesar Merveille And Pablo Cahn-Speyer ▪ Tribute ▪ Cadenza
09) Yaya ▪ Vecute ▪ Desolat
10) Mirko Loko ▪ Love Harmonic (Carl Craig Soundscape Remix) ▪ Cadenza
11) Felipe Venegas & Francisco All ▪ Llovizna ▪ Cadenza
12) Guy Gerber ▪ So Close, Far Away ▪ Supplement Facts Records
13) Dima ▪ Moonolog ▪ Bar25
14) Sideshow ▪ Bahlobashi (Sideshow Dub Remix Of Mike Monday) ▪ Aus Music
15) My My & Emika ▪ Price Tag (Appleblim and Komonazmuk Remix) ▪ Aus Music

Thanx and bigups to Minciisha Ieraksti for constructive review, Selffish and Ruoho Ruotsi for encouraging feedback, and Oleg Bombey for some really valuable record tips.


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